Visit: Glasgow School of Art

Turn right on leaving the station to an underpass with an artwork that looks to connect the city centre with the Forth
and Clyde Canal to the north. The 15 drawings, Ruth Barker’s ‘The Shores of the Familiar’ [50], depict fresh water flora and fauna all present within the city canal network. The drawings are show the subjects as if under a microscope. As such the work brings out the unusual and somewhat alien features of the waterways and create an unusual lightness to the underpass.

Turn right at the end of the underpass and make your way up the hill to the Glasgow School of Art [51], probably the best building in the world. The building was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and built over two phases from
1897 – 1909. There are tours throughout the week which let you explore inside. Or, if you’re there in June, you can check out the degree show and see the building filled and proudly displaying its students work. Work is progressing on a new art school building directly across the road where the American architect Steven Holl talks of a complementary contrast of material, form and structure.