Transport: Underground Rail

Kelvinbridge was at one point also home to a large main line train station owned by the Caledonian Railway Company. They built large subterranean railway lines which narrowly pre-date those of the subway. At the time the Caledonian
Railway Company were the loudest objectors to the subway being built – seeing it as competition. This turned out to
be somewhat true although was amongst other reasons as to why the company was absorbed in 1923. Evidence of this past
can be seen in the commanding Caledonian Mansions [44], which sits above the former station, and the disused tunnel running to the Botanic Gardens Glasshouse [45] (a scary walk through if you can get in!).

You can grab a drink and something to eat in Big Blue [46] which is built into arches formerly used by the railway to enjoy a view of the River Kelvin.