West Street

West Street
Transport: Ring Road / M74 Extension

The Bruce Plan was a report commissioned by Glasgow Corporation in 1945-6 that resulted in plans to clear vast amounts of slum buildings as well as the creation of a ring road of motorways with the intention of easing congestion in the
city centre.

At West Street, walking along Scotland Street towards Shields Road, you get a picture of the impact this plan has had on the city. The ‘inner core’ of the city, as it was termed, is now a reality and this walk reveals that Glasgow could be viewed as a walled city with gaps between flyovers, ramps and huge columns providing glimpses to the urban core.

There is little provision for stopping anywhere along this route but it is definitely of interest for the urban planner or explorer!

The artists impression, from the New Glasgow Society archive, shows the anticipated impact of the south edge of the ring road on the Gorbals. This section was only completed in 2011.